Department of Chemistry

This Week in Chemistry - 04/14/2014 - 04/19/2014


Monday, April 14
Disambiguating the Complex Chemical Mechanisms underlying Basic Brain Function with Microelectrochemistry:  Dopamine, Hydrogen Peroxide and Glucose
Leslie Sombers, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, North Carolina State University at Raleigh
12:00 PM, Chapman 125


Tuesday, April 15
Doing Unnatural Things with Nature: Catalysis of Heme Proteins in Organic Solvents
Matthew Hartings, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, American University
11:00 AM, Chapman 125


Wednesday, April 16
Therapeutic Potential of a Biomimetic Nanosponge
Rachel Henderson, UNC - Chapel Hill
12:00 PM, Beard Hall 116
MUPPETS: Unraveling Complex Materials with Multidimensional Kinetics
Mark Berg, Professor, University of South Carolina
4:00 PM, Chapman 125


Thursday, April 17
Testing Turing
Seth Fraden, Professor of Physics, Brandeis University
4:00 PM, Chapman 125


Friday, April 18