Department of Chemistry

This Week in Chemistry - 10/20/2014 - 10/25/2014


Monday, October 20
Label-free SPR and SPR Imaging Analysis with Plasmonic Microarrays and Calcinated Nanofilms
Quan Cheng, Professor of Chemistry, University of California at Riverside
12:00 PM, Chapman 125


Tuesday, October 21
Exploiting Metal/Ligand Cooperation with Cheap (Si) and Expensive (Rh) Elements
Matthew T. Whited, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Carleton College
11:00 AM, Chapman 125


Wednesday, October 22
New Directions in Transaminase Chemistry
Adrienne Snyder, Research Assistant, UNC - CH
12:00 PM, Beard Hall 116
Non-adiabatic Phenomena in Condensed Matters: Predictive Modeling of Electronic Stopping and Hot Electron Relaxation from First Principles
Yosuke Kanai, Assistant Professor, UNC - CH
4:00 PM, Chapman 125


Thursday, October 23
Dynamic Kinetic Asymmetric Transformations of Alpha-Keto Esters
Guy Goodman, UNC - CH
11:00 AM, Chapman 125
Diffusion Deconvolved: Quantifying Molecular and Morphological Contributions to Transport in Polymers
Louis A. Madsen, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech
4:00 PM, Chapman 125


Friday, October 24
Fluorophore-Cobalamin Optomolecules: Applications for Near-infrared Light Mediated Therapies
Zach Rodgers, UNC - CH
12:00 PM, Chapman 125