Department of Chemistry

This Week in Chemistry - 09/01/2014 - 09/06/2014


Monday, September 1


Tuesday, September 2
Research in the Miller Lab
Alex Miller, Assistant Professor, UNC - CH
11:00 AM, Chapman 125


Wednesday, September 3
In Vivo Activation of the p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway by an Engineered Cyclotide
Stephen Capuzzi, UNC - CH
12:00 PM, Beard Hall 116


Thursday, September 4
The Pivotal Role of Organic Synthesis in New Materials Discovery: Understanding Fundamentals for Better Applications
Wei You, Associate Professor, UNC - CH
11:00 AM, Chapman 125
New Strategies and Catalysts for Organic Synthesis
Simon Meek, Assistant Professor, UNC - CH
11:30 AM, Chapman 125


Friday, September 5
Research in the Gagné group
Michel Gagné, Mary Ann Smith Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, UNC - CH
12:00 PM, Chapman 125
Research in the Waters Group
Marcey Waters, Professor, UNC - CH
12:30 PM, Chapman 125