Department of Chemistry

This Week in Chemistry - 01/26/2015 - 01/31/2015


Monday, January 26


Tuesday, January 27
Mechanisms and Reactivity with Monometallic, Bimetallic, and Main-Group Metal Catalysts
Daniel Ess, Professor, Brigham Young University
11:00 AM, Chapman 125


Wednesday, January 28


Thursday, January 29
Memory of Chirality: Development and Application to Asymmetric Synthesis
Will Czaplyski, UNC - CH
11:00 AM, Chapman 125
Mechanistic Investigations of Aerobic Copper Catalyzed Oxidations
Cole Cruz, UNC - CH
11:30 AM, Chapman 125
Responsive All-Polymer and Polymer Nanocomposite Assemblies
Svetlana Sukhishvili, Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology
4:00 PM, Chapman 125


Friday, January 30