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Recent Publications

     Cocaine Cues Drive Opposing Context-Dependent Shifts in Reward Processing and Emotional State. Wheeler RA, Aragona BJ, Fuhrmann KA, Jones JL, Day JJ, Cacciapaglia F, Wightman RM, Carelli RM. Biol Psychiatry. Biol Psychiatry. 69, 1067-74 (2011).      PMC3090459

     Assessing Principal Component Regression Prediction of Neuromodulators Detected with Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry, Richard B. Keithley, R. Mark Wightman, ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2, 514-525 (2011).  PMCID302025

     In Vivo Electrochemical Evidence for Simultaneous 5-HT and Histamine Release in the Rat Substantia Nigra pars Reticulata   Following Medial Forebrain Bundle Stimulation, Parastoo Hashemi, Elyse C. Dankoski, Kevin M. Wood, R. Ellen Ambrose, and R. Mark Wightman, J. Neurochem., 118 749-759 (2011) PMC3155665. 

     Instrumentation for Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry Combined with Electrophysiology for Behavioral Experiments in Freely Moving Animals. Pavel Takmakov, Collin J. McKinney, Regina M. Carelli, and R. Mark Wightman, Rev. Sci. Instrumen. 82, 74302 (2011).  PMCID3160449

     Rapid dopamine signaling differentially modulates distinct microcircuits within the nucleus accumbens during sucrose-directed behavior. Fabio Cacciapaglia, R. Mark Wightman, and Regina Carelli, J. Neurosci., 31, 13860-13869 (2011).      PMC3197228

    Chronically Implanted, Nafion-Coated, Ag/AgCl Reference Electrodes for Neurochemical Applications, s): Parastoo Hashemi; Paul Walsh; Thomas Guillot, Julie Gras-Najjar, Pavel Takmakov Fulton Crews, R. Mark Wightman, ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2:658-666, 2011.  PMCID:  PMC3224088

     In Vivo Comparison of Norepinephrine and Dopamine Release in Rat Brain by Simultaneous Measurements with Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry, Jinwoo Park, Pavel Takmakov and R. Mark Wightman, J. Neurochem., 119, 932-944 (2011). PMC3217157.

     PAP and NT5E inhibit nociceptive neurotransmission by rapidly hydrolyzing nucleotides to adenosine, Sarah E Street, Paul L Walsh, Nathaniel A Sowa, Bonnie Taylor-Blake, Thomas S Guillot, Pirkko Vihko, R Mark Wightman and Mark J Zylka, Molecular Pain, 7. 80-94 (2011).  PMCID3210096.

     Phasic nucleus accumbens dopamine encodes risk-based decision-making behavior, Jonathan A. Sugam, Jeremy J. Day, R. Mark Wightman, and Regina M. Carelli, Biological Psychiatry, 71, 199-205 (2012).  PMCID 2907444.

     Catecholamines in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Reciprocally Respond to Reward and Aversion, Jinwoo Park, Robert A. Wheeler, Khristy Fontillas, Richard B. Keithley, Regina M. Carelli and R. Mark Wightman, Biological Psychiatry, 71, 327-334 (2012).  PMC3264809.

     Aversive stimulus differentially triggers subsecond dopamine release in reward regions.  Evgeny A.  Budygin, Jinwoo Park, Caroline E. Bass, Valentina P. Grinevich, Keith D. Bonin and R. Mark Wightman, Neuroscience, 201, 331-337 (2012).

     In Vivo Voltammetry Monitoring of Electrically Evoked Extracellular Norepinephrine in Subregions of the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis, Natalie R. Herr, Jinwoo Park, Zoé A. McElligott, Anna Belle, Regina M. Carelli, and R. Mark Wightman, J. Neurophysiol., 107, 1731-1737 (2012). PMC3311672

     Improved techniques for examining rapid dopamine signaling with iontophoresis, Natalie R. Herr and  R.  Mark Wightman, Front. Biosci., 5:249-257 (2013).  PMCID in progress.

     Differential dopamine release dynamics in the nucleus accumbens core and shell track distinct aspects of goal-directed behavior for sucrose, Fabio Cacciapaglia, Michael P. Saddoris, R. Mark Wightman and Regina M. Carelli, Neuropharmacology, 62, 2050-2056 (2012).  PMCID in progress.

      Sources Contributing to the Average Extracellular Concentration of Dopamine in the Nucleus Accumbens, C. A. Owesson-White, M. F. Roitman, L.A. Sombers, A.M. Belle, R. B. Keithley, J. L. Peele,  R. M. Carelli, and R. M. Wightman, J. Neurochem., 121, 252-262 (2012).  PMC3323736

   Optimizing the Temporal Resolution of Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry, Brian Kile, Paul Walsh, Zoe McElligott, Elizabeth Bucher, Thomas Guillot, Ali Salahpour, Marc Caron, R. Mark Wightman, ACS Chemical Neurosci., 3, 285-292 (2012).  PMC3375060.

    Brain Dopamine and Serotonin Differ in Regulation and its Consequences, Parastoo Hashemi, Elyse C. Dankoski, Rinchen Lama, Kevin M. Wood, Pavel Takmakov, and R. Mark Wightman, PNAS, 109, 11510-11515 (2012).  PMC3406817

     Monitoring extracellular pH, oxygen, and dopamine during reward delivery in the striatum of primates, Jennifer L. Ariansen, Michael L.A.V. Heien, Andre Hermans, Paul E.M. Phillips, Istvan Hernadi, Maria A. Bermudez, Wolfram Schultz, and R. Mark Wightman, Frontiers in Behavioral Neurosci., 6, 36 (2012).  PMC3389715

     Pathway-specific dopaminergic deficits in a mouse model of Angelman syndrome, Thorfinn T. Riday, Elyse C. Dankoski, Michael C. Krouse, Eric W. Fish, Paul L. Walsh, Ji Eun Han, Clyde W. Hodge, R. Mark Wightman, Benjamin D. Philpot, and C.J. Malanga, J. Clin. Invest., in press.

     Opposing Catecholamine Changes in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis during Intracranial Self-Stimulation and its Extinction, Jinwoo Park, Elizabeth S. Bucher, Khristy Fontillas, Catarina Owesson-White, Jennifer L. Ariansen, Regina M. Carelli and R. Mark Wightman, Biol Psych, in press.

     Advances in studying phasic dopamine signaling in brain reward mechanisms, Robert J. Wickham, Wojciech Solecki, Liza R. Rathbun, Nichole M. Neugebauer, R. Mark Wightman and Nii A. Addy, Frontiers in Bioscience, in press.




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