Department of Chemistry
Alexander Miller

Alexander Miller

Assistant Professor
919-962-2388 (fax)
Kenan A400


Research Interests

Energy Catalysis, Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry, Metal-Ligand Cooperation


Professional Background

University of Chicago, BS, 2005; California Institute of Technology, PhD, 2011; Dreyfus Environmental Chemistry Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Washington, Seattle, 2011-2012.


Research Synopsis

Research in the Miller group will revolve around transformations relevant to global energy concerns, including the storage of solar energy in chemical fuels, proton-coupled electron transfer reactions, and novel hydrocarbon transformations. A balanced approach drawing from multiple disciplines, such as organometallic chemistry, catalysis, and electrochemistry, will feature the design and synthesis of novel transition metal catalysts, accompanied by fundamental reactivity and mechanistic studies to inform catalyst improvements.

Catalyst design will focus on the construction of multifunctional ligands: functional groups positioned in the secondary coordination sphere of the metal can work in concert with the metal center to enhance key steps in catalytic cycles. New methods for the rapid synthesis of diverse ligands will be uncovered, and the factors that contribute to the stability and impact in cooperative metal-ligand catalysis will be defined.