Department of Chemistry
Brian Hogan

Brian Hogan

Research Assistant Professor
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Teaching Faculty

Professional Background

Trenton State College, B.S. (1996); Research Assistant, Waksman Institute of Microbiology, Rutgers University; Research Assistant. Iconix Pharmaceuticals; University of North Carolina, Ph.D. (1999-2003); Visiting Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina (2003-2004); Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2010); Chapman Family Faculty Fellowship (2010)

Departmental Information

Brian Hogan is a Research Assistant Professor in Chemistry, the program where he received his PhD. in 2003. He serves as an instructor of multiple chemistry courses and is the Co-Director of the Trans Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program, TASSEP, along with Drs. Waters and Baer. TASSEP is a study abroad program for science student through UNC Study Abroad.


Dr. Hogan has thrived while teaching at Carolina, winning two Tanner Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, the Chemistry Department teaching award, the Center for Global Education course development award, and the Chapman Family Faculty Fellowship for teaching excellence. He is also an Institute of Arts and Humanities Fellow, and teaches honors courses both in biochemistry as well as science and society as an adjunct in the Honors College. His research focuses on the development of the undergraduate biochemistry teaching and learning. Brian engages students in the disciplines of biochemistry and molecular biology by teaching a wide variety of courses, spanning multiple disciplines, and helps prepare students for the future by heading several mentoring programs.

Campus and Community Mentorship

Dr. Hogan is the Academic director for the Scholars' Latino Initiative, a program dedicated to increasing access to Latino high school students, and is the founder and president of "A Little Bit of Promise," a campus student group and non profit organization, focusing on women's literacy while also building schools in Guatemala.

Dr. Hogan is deeply involved in the local community as well, and was recently named to class IV of the "Faculty Engaged Scholars Program." This program is an initiative of the Carolina Center for Public Service to advance faculty involvement in the scholarship of engagement. Such scholarship, while fully grounded as disciplined inquiry according to the highest academic standards, also strengthens university-community relationships and contributes to the common good. Dr. Hogan's research focuses on increasing the number of Latino and Latina students graduating in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, STEM, fields.

Dr. Hogan is also a member of the Center for Faculty Excellence, CFE, and his teaching techniques and interviews for the CFE 100+ Initiative, Engaging Students in Large classes, are featured online.

When not on campus, Dr. Hogan can often be found in a village in Guatemala where he is writing early literacy books in the indigenous Mayan language Q'eqchi', prounounced "Kek-Chee," as well as "The Gringo's Guide to Elementary Q'eqchi': a brief English to Spanish to Q'eqchi' phrasebook," co-authored by Ms. Griselda Poou from El Estor, Izabal, Guatemala. Photos of Dr. Hogan's fieldwork can be seen here.

Letters of Recommendation

Dr. Hogan writes many letters for a number of types of positions for people he has known in various ways. He wants to do this in a top quality way and minimize the chance of errors, while maximizing a successful outcome.

Please follow the instructions linked below VERY CAREFULLY if you would like Dr. Hogan to write a letter for you. Even if you have talked to him in his office, he may not have given you complete instructions orally, so please follow the instructions below. Carefully adhering to these instructions, including all requested materials, will allow Dr. Hogan to turn around your request in couple of weeks.