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Physical Organic Chemistry

Research in the Forbes laboratory is broadly based in the physical organic chemistry of reactive intermediates.  Our spectroscopy-based program combines a detailed knowledge of the structure and reactivity of free radicals, along with a strong theoretical base for simulating their dynamics in unusual molecular architectures.  Current projects include the study of radical diffusion in nanoparticles and colloids, developing new coatings technologies using colloidal systems, and developing physical methods for tracking singlet oxygen in cells.  Also, we are active members of the UNC Energy Frontiers Research Center, an interdisciplinary center aimed at developing devices for solar fuels generation and storage.

Physics and Chemistry of Novel Colloidal Systems

· Polymer Degradation

· Microbubbles and Nanoparticles

· Synthesis of Novel Surfactants

· Photochemistry of Crude Oil

Singlet Oxygen Topology

· Photodynamic  Therapy

· Site specific singlet oxygen generation

· Nitroxide Free Radical Spin Trappping

Solar Fuels Catalysis

· Energy Frontier Research Center

· Water splitting catalysts

· Proton Coupled Electron Transfer Reactions

· CO2 Reduction

Coatings and Adhesives

· Kinetics of Free Radical Initiation

· Amine-Stabilized Trialkyl Boranes