Department of Chemistry

X-Ray Facility

X-Ray Facility


The X-Ray Facility is located in room 042 on the ground floor of Caudill Laboratories.



Monday through Friday
09:00 AM - 04:30 PM; Meetings by appointment only



Director X-Ray Facility
Peter S. White, Ph.D.
Caudill Laboratories, room 042
Caudill Laboratories, room 053 - Office


Sample Submission

Please contact us to schedule instrument time, and discuss how to supply a suitable sample at least few days before the scheduled time.



X-Ray Facility Rates

The hourly rates for facility use are subject to change, and differ according to the following user categories: Chemistry, UNC-CH, UNC-OFF,and External. The definition of these four categories are as follows:


Definition of Research Service Center Users

Chemistry Faculty including joint appointees without regard to funding source
Memos of Understanding with other Departments
Excludes non-Chemistry faculty who are co-principal investigators

UNC-CH Departments not covered under Chemistry

UNC Departments not on the Chapel Hill campus

Other non-UNC Universities
Government Laboratories
Commercial businesses


  Chemistry UNC-CH UNC-OFF External
Bruker $14.59 $21.53 $90.18 $120.59
Rigaku $12.46 $19.40 $81.53 $107.80
Survey $62.50 $97.66 $171.63 $227.01
Structure $733.44 $1,125.76 $2,815.92 $3,745.52


Hourly Rates - Consulting Services

  Chemistry UNC-CH UNC-OFF External
Consultation $47.91 $76.13 $81.45 $106.42