Department of Chemistry

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Varian Instrument


The NMR Facility is located in rooms 044 & 051 on the ground floor of Caudill Laboratories.
Lab phone number: 919-962-1149



Monday through Friday
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM



Director NMR Facility
Marc ter Horst, Ph.D.
Caudill Laboratories, room 056 - Office

Research Assistants
Laura Adduci,


Instrument Access

After the appropriate training, individuals may use any of the NMR Facility's six spectrometers depending on the application. One spectrometer, the 400 wide bore, is available for walk-up use. Time is reserved on the other spectrometers either through a sign-up sheet posted every Friday morning, 360 MHz, 500 MHz and the V/A600 MHz spectrometers, or on a daily basis using a web-calendar, 400NB and B600, see links on this page to the left. Additional assistance with experiments, special request for NMR time, or requests for training may be directed to Marc ter Horst using the Training Request Form, linked to below.


NMR Rates

The hourly rates for facility use are subject to change, and differ according to the following user categories: Chemistry, UNC-CH, UNC-OFF,and External. The definition of these four categories are as follows:


Definition of Research Service Center Users

Chemistry Faculty including joint appointees without regard to funding source
Memos of Understanding with other Departments
Excludes non-Chemistry faculty who are co-principal investigators

UNC-CH Departments not covered under Chemistry

UNC Departments not on the Chapel Hill campus

Other non-UNC Universities
Government Laboratories
Commercial businesses

Prime Time Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Off Hours: Sat & Sun all day; Mon - Fri 7:00 pm - 8:00 am

There is a $1.30/hour charge for nitrogen gas, which includes any special use of nitrogen including hi T or low T work.

Consultation refers to use of facility staff time for training, assistance in setting up experiments, assistance with processing data, discussions of NMR experiments, etc. Samples run by staff include the consultation rate only for staff time used in setting up the spectrometer and sample and for processing.

Rates are subject to change.

  Chemistry UNC-CH UNC-OFF External
Prime Time $12.05 $18.29 $22.16 $66.00
Off Hours $5.87 $8.90 $10.79 $66.00


Hourly Rates - Consulting Services

  Chemistry UNC-CH UNC-OFF External
Consultation $36.35 $63.41 $80.23 $184.00