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Glass Shop

Chemistry Glass Shop


The Glass Shop is located in room A005 on the ground floor of Kenan Laboratories.



09:00 am - 04:00 pm



Mark Wicker
Kenan Laboratories, room A005




What We Do

The Glass Shop is a full service shop primarily engaged in the design and fabrication of specialized scientific glassware as well as repairs and modifications of existing glassware such as:

  • condensors
  • flasks
  • electrochemical cells
  • vacuum lines
  • vacuum flasks
  • grease based and greasless joints and connectors

The Glass Shop has on hand virtually all sizes of borosilicate (Pyrex and Kimax) glass tubing ranging in size from 2 mm up to 178 mm in diameter. All sizes of commonly used ground glass joints and a large selection of both glass and Teflon stopcocks are maintained in a large inventory. A smaller selection of quartz tubing and ground joints are also maintained in stock. Special items can be ordered if necessary.

Equipment in the facility includes a 8 1/4 inch bore glassblowing lathe, two smaller glass blowing lathes, drilling, cutting, and grinding equipment.We also have ultrasonic and spot welding capabilities. Annealing ovens for both borosilicate and quartz apparatus are available, as well as a vacuum system for producing evacuated glass or quartz vessels. We also have experience in the silver plating of apparatus for vacuum use.

We have experience with a large variety of materials used in glassware fabrication including glass to metal seals, fritted glass, and transition glasses.

We will be happy to discuss any glassblowing requirements you may have, weather it be for simple repairs, custom made "standard" laboratory equipment such as vacuum manifolds and columns, or one-of-a-kind specialty apparatus.


Service Requests

To provide service to all facility users in most efficient manner, we recommend that in requesting service you follow these procedures:

Prior to visiting the facility, we encourage you to contact us by phone at 966-1229 to discuss your request.

When coming to the shop to schedule a job, we suggest that you bring with you a drawing to help us better understand your need. If you do not have a drawing we can assist with generating an AutoCad drawing. Also, please do not forget to bring with you a Grant/Account number.


Facility Rates

The hourly rates for facility use are subject to change, and differ according to the following user categories: Chemistry, UNC-CH and NCSU, External Universities and Government Users, and Commercial Users. The definition of these four categories are as follows:


Definition of Research Service Center Users

Chemistry Faculty including joint appointees without regard to funding source
Memos of Understanding with other Departments
Excludes non-Chemistry faculty who are co-principal investigators

UNC-CH Departments not covered under Chemistry plus NCSU Departments

External Universities and Government Users
Other Universities and Government Entities


Hourly Rates

  Chemistry UNC & NCSU External
  $42.00 $42.00 $63.84